GROW business by 50% – REDUCE expenses by 30%

 Cassandra offers advice for SA business owners

entrepreneur bwAll business owners need some great advice now and again. Even if it is just as a sound board. Practical business advice for entrepreneurs can only be provided by a business owner with real world experience – one who has also operated their own successful business. Cassandra Consult offers a group of consultants – each with their own field of expertise. Contact Cassandra TODAY to help you GROW your business by 50% and/or REDUCE your expenses by 30%!


Offer ends 28 February 2015*

*(extended to 15 December 2015 for Centurion Business Forum members.)

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cbfCassandra Consult is a PROUD member of Centurion Business Forum. CASSANDRA offers a 60 minute consultation to all current members of Centurion Business Forum / Sakekamer. If you want to grow your business to the next level, be sure to give us a call. Click on REQUEST ADVICE in the top menu or send us an email to


smarten logoGary from Cassandra has a special gift. He has honed his experience and intimate knowledge of the business environment to the point where he is able to analyse, diagnose and rectify issues with consumate ease. He has been responsible for growth in numerous enterprises by being unbiased and following certain basic principles. I can recommend Cassandra without any doubt; they have helped me make crucial strategic decisions for my business, which in turn helped me to make healthy profit in only the second year since start-up.

Gerrit Stoop: CEO: Smarten Projects


Jalia_logo4“I’ve asked advice from Cassandra Consult with regards to one of our IT product’s marketing and sales side as well as our company’s branding and structure. The 2 hours of consultation was productive, to the point and value for money. I got a lot of mileages out of Gary’s input and it help me move our marketing and sales a level up. Gary has a wide spectrum of knowledge on business and entrepreneurship and is a great sounding board. He will help you ask and confront the difficult questions that need to be asked.”
Henkie Maritz, CEO: Jalia Technologies